Practice Areas

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Each service we provide is delivered with a commitment to excellence, client-focused attention, and a global perspective that anticipates the needs of modern businesses and individuals.


We guide entrepreneurs through the intricacies of forming business entities, ensuring legal compliance at every step. From registration to licensing, our expert team navigates the complex landscape of corporate establishment with precision and care.


Trademark Registration
We safeguard brands by managing the trademark lifecycle—from strategic selection to application and registration.

Patent Registration
 Our specialists support the protection of innovations, overseeing patent searches, application drafting, and procedural management.

IP Search and Clearance
We conduct exhaustive searches to evaluate the viability and distinctiveness of intellectual property, ensuring freedom from infringement risks.

Copyright Services
We protect creative expressions across various mediums, offering comprehensive services from registration to rights enforcement.

Emara Soliman Intellectual Property Rights

Our consultancy extends to governance structuring, risk mitigation, and adherence to regulatory frameworks, protecting corporate integrity and facilitating ethical business operations.


We enable corporate growth and consolidation with our adept handling of M&A transactions, encompassing due diligence, negotiation, and legal documentation.

Emara Soliman Anti-Dumping and Competition Law

We advise on the nuances of trade regulations, aiding businesses to navigate and comply with anti-dumping measures and competition policies.


We offer strategic counsel for those seeking Egyptian citizenship through investment, detailing the processes involved in real estate purchases, business operations, or contributions to state funds.

Emara Soliman Citizenship by Investment
Emara Soliman Work Permits for Foreigners

Our services streamline the legal employment of international workforce in Egypt, from visa processing to work permit acquisition.


Real Estate Legal Services

Our expertise extends to real estate acquisitions, due diligence, lease negotiations, and the seamless navigation of the property registration process.

Emara Soliman Real Estate Legal Services