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“Emara & Soliman” is an esteemed international law firm headquartered in the dynamic city of New Cairo, Egypt.

Our commitment transcends borders, providing unparalleled legal expertise to a diverse range of clients, both locally and globally.

“Emara & Soliman” is more than just a legal company; we are a dedicated team of legal professionals committed to providing superior, reliable, and transparent legal services and consultancy.

We help businesses, both local and global, navigate legal complexities to safeguard and enhance their operations.

The Pillars of Our Practice

“Emara & Soliman” owes its success to a team that forms the bedrock of our practice. Comprising legal luminaries and consultants with international experience ranging from a decade to three decades, our team has roots in jurisdictions as diverse as Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Kenya, and the USA. 

Founded by Abdel Hamid Soliman and Mohamed Emara, both eminent figures in international law, our firm stands as a pioneering establishment within the top echelon of the Egyptian Bar Association’s registered law firms.

Commitment to Excellence

At “Emara & Soliman,” we seek to distinguish ourselves as the epitome of legal excellence. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing superior, reliable, and unequivocally transparent legal services and consulting. 

This commitment resonates not only within Egypt but on a global scale. As a testament to our dedication, we continue to shape the future of international law, setting standards of excellence for the legal profession.

Why Choose “Emara & Soliman”?

Emara & Soliman stands out by delivering more than just legal expertise; we present a holistic approach customized to fulfill your distinct requirements.

Comprehensive Expertise

Access a broad spectrum of legal services, from company formations and intellectual property rights to real estate law, expatriate work permits, and intricate matters such as mergers, acquisitions, competition law, and anti-dumping regulations.

Global Presence

Leverage our strategic headquarters in Cairo and our dynamic presence across Europe, the USA, Africa, and the Middle East, ensuring effective legal counsel on a global scale.

Proven Track Record

Rely on a firm with a successful track record, having served over 60 esteemed clients. Our clientele spans North Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, Europe, the Levant, North and Western Asia, and the Americas.

We Are Undefeated

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Ready to elevate your legal strategy?

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